Dragon's Den

The Dragon's Den is a secretive global cabal of mercenaries. The group assign all their members aliases that they take to be, effectively, their real names, rarely if ever using their birth names from the point that they join the organization. Dragon's Den will not turn down any contract if the money is right, so they are identified by several international law organizations as a criminal organization.

Overview and History

Dragon's Den began in the early 20th century, when international travel became far easier. European in origin, Dragon's Den would soon spread all over the globe, and by the end of the century had assets in nearly every continent in the world. It is unclear who the exact head of the organization is, only that there are controllers, who assign missions, and assets, who undertake the missions.

Assets are treated simply as such by the organization, not seen so much as people but as tools. If an asset is lost they are simply replaced. Should an asset fail to complete a mission Dragon's Den tends to terminate the contract, feeling it is too risky to send another asset. It is rumored that assets are given ways to prevent them from revealing too much about the organization, though what the precautions are is unclear. Controllers, like assets, use aliases, and tend to handle large portions of the globe.





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