Dodge Charger

Chloe Noi's SRT-8 Variant prior to modification

The Dodge Charger is a type of muscle car, semi-compact and sports sedan produced by the Dodge division of Chrysler, with variants produced from 1966 to the present day. Known for speed, modern models can seat up to five people.


  • Chloe Noi owns a 2009 SRT-8 variant of the Charger, black in colour with blue stripes, bullet-proof glass, reinforced doors and a modified engine.
  • Naomi Yen drives a Los Angeles Police Department issue Charger with standard law enforcement markings.



  • Has been featured in the most stories in the Tuckerverse.
  • Was originally a Dodge Challenger coupe but changed to Charger Sedan in Collaring the Kitten.

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