CyTek is a computer company based out of the United States. The company's main product is tablet computers, which thanks to their advances in the field nearly have a monopoly on. The company is also responsible for the CyTrooper Program. CyTek's annual income as of 2009 is roughly 90 billion USD.


CyTek, originally named Cybus Technologies, was founded in 1998 by a group of programmers including Keith Cabot, the company's goal to develop technologies originally created for personal digital assistants into viable tablet computers, a concept originating as far back as 1968. For nearly two years the company failed to make significant ground on the concept, instead relying on investments and licensing fee profits to keep the company just barely in the black. It was in 2000 when Microsoft debuted their own tablet computer, which ended up failing, that Cybus Technologies, re-branding themselves as CyTek, made a break-through.

In 2001 CyTek debuted an extremely compact laptop computer and made great progression with touch-screen technology. CyTek's true masterpiece, the CyPad, was released in 2005, its design having shock-waves all over the computer world. As of today CyTek more or less has a monopoly on advanced tablet computers, being extremely cheap at not even twice the price of an electronic reading device. CyTek's position in the computer world is third, only behind Apple and Microsoft. CyTek is however working on other new technologies in the hopes of perhaps buying out one of its competitors. CyTek's corporate headquarters is in New York though it also has major facilities in Houston and Los Angeles. CyTek has a good relationship with Stone Enterprises, working with them to improve upon their biggest development yet: SARA.

In 2008 CEO Keith Cabot began to personally oversee a new project: the Cybus Stormtrooper Program, soon shortened to CyTrooper Program. Formally a Private Military Contractor or PMC, CyTrooper was introduced ostensibly to test out the latest in infantry equipment and training in real scenarios. CyTek's major involvement was the introduction of the advanced computer technology the troopers would be employing in the field, with weapons provided by the likes of Noi Industries. While Cabot personally oversees the project the project is also handled by Shreya Silverstein and Yasmine Dahl. The CyTrooper Program is based on the super-yacht Leviathan, typically located in the Atlantic Ocean.




  • CyTek was created to justify why tablet computers are so popular prior to Apple Computers releasing the iPad.

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