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Colette Genevieve Landry (born 1984) is a main character in both Clockwork and The IT Files. A computer genius, Colette pursued a career in law-enforcement, first with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), later Interpol and then finally the International Temporal Enforcement Agency. Colette was the Assistant Director for the ITEA computer wing as well as a member of Team Alpha. A spy for Scott Dawson, Lucienne Christophe eventually discovered the truth and had her taken into custody.


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True Genius

Colette was born in Montreal, Canada, and from a young age her parents considered her the perfect daughter. Colette was not only 'destined' (in their words) to be a beauty, her father Marc Landry a male model and her mother Annette Landry an actress, but showed incredibly signs of intelligence at a young age and was physically fast, one of the best runners on her youth soccer team. The only real worry appeared when doctors wondered if Colette was autistic, her childhood intelligence showing possible signs, but ultimately it was dismissed. The worry about having a mental condition and trying to live up to her parents' expectations did make Colette become introverted, lacking confidence. Due to her issues, Colette's cousin Ariel Landry became a close friend due to her own lack of social problems.

After graduating from high school at the age of fourteen Colette managed to earn a Master's Degree in Computer Science from MIT in four years, not taking summers off to accomplish the feat. At age eighteen Colette joined the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), wanting to into law enforcement ever since a death threat had been made against her father by a crazed fan. One of the youngest CSIS agents in history, Colette was lucky enough to be trained by Scott Dawson, who was at the time a minor legend within the organization. Colette and Scott worked together for a year, Colette even developing feelings for him which resulted in a short romance. Ultimately the pair parted as friends, Scott deciding to try his luck in private security while Colette stayed with CSIS.

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Meteoric Rise

After three years with CSIS, during which time she occasionally sent Scott valuable information, Colette was accepted to join Interpol, promptly undergoing training with Jelena Hendraille. The pair formed a strong yet somewhat tested bond, Colette having been at the time exploring her sexuality and even having a rumored crush on Aisha Reynolds, who'd been on of their mentors. Due to how well they worked together in spite of Jelena's misgivings Jelena and Colette became constant teammates, rarely going out on assignments without the other. When Lucienne Christophe's task force needed a computer expert as well as one gifted in tactical the two came as a package, Lucienne taking a shine to the young Canadian in spite of her still having issues socially. During their time on the task force Colette stayed by Jelena's side all night at the hospital after she'd been shot, a rifle bullet penetrating her armor and nearly killing her.

After the Paradise Foundation was destroyed Colette was given a job offer with the newly-formed International Temporal Enforcement Agency. Colette was however starting to become uneasy in law enforcement and considered other fields, but eventually two factors changed her mind. One factor that made Colette join the ITEA was Jelena, who felt their unique experiences would benefit the new agency. The second factor was Scott, who'd asked Colette to be a spy for him, allowing him to aide IT in matters they couldn't handle the way he'd like. Colette enjoyed working for Scott again, setting back IT's own Uranus Generator project and sending him data on classified individuals, including his nephew Tucker Holmes.

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Blurred Lines

When Ashley Tisdale launched an attack on IT Colette took steps to help Scott be the one to take her down, first by giving him Tucker's location and later by crippling a team sent looking for her. It was Colette that discovered where Ashley was hiding, though even her best efforts couldn't stop IT from launching their own assault, though luckily Scott struck first. Colette is still a spy for Scott, but she's now finally coming out of her social shell. Colette's step towards being more a social person caused some tension between her and Jelena, but after an encounter with Barry Finnegan the pair patched up their relationship, formally calling each other best friends. Colette also ran into conflict with Palmira Tiago, whom she felt was a terrible team leader due to her Type-7 addiction, and after being tricked into being a member of an undercover operation to capture Seth Greenberg Colette struck back. Possessing damaging blackmail materials against Palmira, Colette made it clear that she could ruin her co-worker's career with ease. Colette also tipped Scott Dawson off about an operation to capture Adrianna Dashkov, allowing him to catch her before the ITEA or Interpol.

When her cousin Ariel was assigned to her first mission for IT Colette volunteered to go along even though it was a Team Gamma assignment. The pair got to Los Angeles ahead of the rest of the team and Colette took the time to visit Tucker Holmes, the two formally introducing each other and sharing in each others' deepest secrets. Colette would later be frozen with Ariel by Zoe Hollander, a person they'd only thought was a victim in the crime they were investigating, but Tucker managed to rescue them before they were kidnapped. In return for his help Colette hid the fact that Zoe had willingly been frozen and taken by Tucker, telling Hui Lan and the rest of Gamma that' she'd just fled the country. Not long afterward Colette was kidnapped by Ouroboros to help Sarah Hardy work on the Immortality Gate and be used to trade for Tasia Spiro. Colette was recovered at Waterloo Station but remained out of action when the ITEA attacked Ouroboros in New York, instead hanging back with the Lucienne-led Team Alpha. Palmira Tiago resigned a day later, leaving Colette free of her presence.

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Secret Exposed

Shortly before the events in New York Colette was confronted by Angela Schwarz, who had discovered Colette's past association with Scott Dawson. Colette overdosed Angela with Type-7 and managed to successfully smuggle her out of ITEA HQ, Jin Pierce and Matthew Strathairn unknowingly helping her to do so. After New York Colette brought Angela to Tucker's birthday in LA, giving her to him as a gift and reuniting with Scott for a moment of passion. By the time Colette left LA she'd gotten friendlier with Ryoshi Dawson, Scott's wife.

When Sandy Vanholt used the Durga Hourglass and the Stillsville Camera to freeze time on a global scale Colette was trapped inside ITEA HQ. More annoyed than anything else, Colette used the information that cell phones were working to feed information to Scott as well as Tucker. Janine Radcliff then approached Colette and revealed she was friends with Parker Reich, the two women promptly hitting it off through their mutual roles as insiders for Utopia Holdings. During the wedding of Suzanna Ortiz-Volt and William Volt, at which Colette caught the bouquet, Nicole Kao ended up telling Lucienne about old CSIS stories that suggested Colette and Scott were close. After Lucienne mandated that non-essential ITEA personnel be frozen with Type-7 Colette was classified non-essential. While Colette was frozen Lucienne checked Colette's computer and discovered some photos of her and Scott together, ones that were compromising in nature. After time was unfrozen Colette ended up being taken into custody by the ITEA but refused to say anything.

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Colette Frozen

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Personal Information

  • Current Age: 25
  • Height: 5'6.5"
  • Weight: 124 lbs
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Bra Size: 34B
  • Hypnosis Rating: 5
  • Tattoo: Superman Logo on Left Butt Cheek
  • Current Place of Residence: London, UK
  • Sexual Preference: Men, Women
  • Nickname: Letty
  • Favorite Food: Cheez-Its
  • Favorite Singer: Marina Halftown
  • Favorite Video Game: Deus Ex
  • Special Notes:
    • Asian Women Fetish
    • Frozen People Fetish

Special Skills

  • Combat-style Martial Arts, specifically White Lotus Kung Fu.
  • Recreational-style Wushu martial arts, specifically Tai chi chuan (AKA Tai Chi).
  • Marksmanship, including expertise with pistols and sub-machine guns.
  • Heightened Senses, able to read lips.
  • Computer Expertise, including security, networking, software and hardware.
  • Multilingual, knowing English, French, Portuguese and Farsi.










  • Colette is physically based on Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort.
  • While claiming to be straight, Colette's sexuality is a bit more ambiguous than that, her personality also coming off as flirty to people of either gender whenever she acts confident as well as being interested in Asian women.
  • The Superman tattoo Colette possesses reference to the actress having played Supergirl in Smallville.