Clockwork Revenge
Series: The IT Files
Writer(s): Tek (Part 1), Zero (Part 2), FreezAntix (Part 3)
Link: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Date: Late October to Mid-November, 2008
Preceded By: The Taming of a Few
Followed By: Birthday Blues

Clockwork Revenge is the fifth story in the Clockwork series, part 1 being The IT Files, part 2 being Tales from the Tuckerverse and part 3 being Tucker's Wand. The story features the return of Ashley Tisdale and major interaction between characters from all three series.


Part 1

Lucienne Christophe, director of the International Temporal Enforcement Agency, is attacked in her home in Dartford, frozen solid. Tasia Spiro leads the investigation, finding there to be no way for Lucienne to be unfrozen. Erika Stone is investigated by Marika Bran, Makeda Getachew, Kioni Abasi and Dieter Bran, but all four are attacked by an unknown woman who employs Type-7 Chips. Tasia ends up turning to Tucker Holmes for answers, bringing him in. Scott Dawson however attacks the convoy escorting Tucker, extracting him while the ITEA HQ is cut off due to an attack.

Part 2

Weeks before the events of part 1, Ashley Tisdale, having escaped Utopia Towers two weeks prior, arrived in Oceanside where she recovers items she'd left behind while working for the Paradise Foundation. Needing access to a lab, Ashley got a job at Decker State College as a teaching assistant to Samantha Ross, whom she uses a Type-7 Chip. Ashley then spends the next few weeks systematically taking care of threats and getting funding for her endeavors, wanting to build her own Uranus Generator and essentially carry out the Foundation's old goals, but with her in control of it all. Sandy Vanholt and later Erika Stone and her friends are all chipped, Ashley taking advantage of Erika's wealth. Ashley's next target was the cheerleaders, using Michelle Gim to use Type-7 on all of them but Julie Vaughn, who'd called in sick. Ashley then discovered Chloe Noi and saw she had unique abilities, eventually managing to recruit her as well thanks to chips, also collecting the missed Julie. A small army assembled, Ashley returned to Oceanside where her new lab, a freighter called the White Empress, was waiting.

Part 3

Tucker Holmes and Scott Dawson fly back to Los Angeles, the two reconnecting and Tucker learning about Type-7 Chips as well as Type-7 in general. At the White Empress Chloe Noi delivered Tasia Spiro, Makeda Getachew, Dieter Bran and Marika Bran to Ashley Tisdale. In LA Maggie Yen attempted to track Tucker but was ambushed by Ryoshi Tenzo, manipulating Maggie to ensure Tucker would cooperate with Scott. Colette Landry, Palmira Tiago and ITEA rookies investigate Victoria Towers, Colette freezing her companions as her her allegiance to Scott. In LA Scott revealed he rescued Tucker so he could help him recapture Ashley with the help of the Wand of Kronos. Tucker was unsure until he discovered Maggie, chipped, and was made to believe he'd need to stop Ashley to save his roommate. Getting Ashley's location from Colette, Tucker, Scott and Ryoshi headed for Dawkins Salvage in Oceanside to get a boat while, back in LA, Jamie Mosley discovered Maggie acting odd and Haley Leone returned from vacation. The attack on the Empress began with Scott's team encountering Chloe, who used the Ring of the Haetae to her advantage before Ryoshi managed to remove her chip. In spite of recruiting Chloe to fight Ashley, the attack was a mess, Tucker getting trapped but managing to text Haley. Haley removed the chip from Maggie and the pair moved out to try and help Tucker while the ITEA, based out of Erika's penthouse, began a plan of attack on the White Empress, Colette unable to stop them. On the Empress Ryoshi and Chloe charged Ashley right as Maggie used the Tempus Clock to end things, rescuing everyone mid-battle. Scott had the group clean up the ship, leaving the frozen victims to be rescued with all trace of Ashley and her work removed, then inviting Tucker, Julie Vaughn, Kat Vaughn, Chloe and Haley to come with him to London to get Tucker's name cleared. Ashley was given to Chloe by Ryoshi as a gift while Haley and Tucker reconnected. In LA Maggie formally broke up with Jamie while back at Oceanside Pamela Flipspatrick, Sandy Vanholt and Michelle Gim shared their experiences. On the flight back to LA Tucker was given Leslie Schulz for his collection as an apology from Scott for using Maggie to motivate him and finally back in London Tasia was scapegoated by IT due to the foul-ups associated with the incident.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


The story resulted in a large number of new plots being started within the Tuckerverse. First was Tasia Spiro being suspended from the ITEA, while at the same time having introduced several previously unseen members of the agency. Chloe Noi receiving Type-7 Chips would lead to Spydoll Inc (series). Sandy Vanholt, Pamela Flipspatrick and Michelle Gim formed the Scooby Gang, kicking off a storyline within Tales from the Tuckerverse in which the three investigate freeze-related incidents around Decker State College. Haley Leone also began to integrate herself back into the life of Tucker Holmes, creating an effective love triangle with him and Julie Vaughn. Jamie Mosley and Maggie Yen breaking up also led the former into meeting Chloe, another key part of the Spydoll series. While not a storyline Scott Dawson was revealed to be Uncle to Tucker, leading to the pair reconnecting, which occasionally pops up. Finally Colette Landry was also revealed to have a connection to Scott, acting as a sort of double agent, though technically she's more of just an informant.


The story was constantly simply referred to as the 'epic,' as it would involve the three main Tuckerverse writers doing three stories that all joined together. A lesser version of this was done with The New Business Venture, but this was an attempt to rival the old stories of the Clockwork series and indeed be the next chapter in the saga. While in the end, the story turned out well, one particular problem that was realized after part 2 was done was just how large part 3 was, being longer than the first two parts put together.


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