Light Flash

A Chrono Flash is a special sequence of light pulses which can induce a state of stasis similar to that of Type-7. Developped by Ouroboros, the name refers to the fact that it more or less freezes its targets in time with a quick flash.


The flash can only be generated by full-spectrum light bulbs or special magnesium-based pyrotechnics, both of which still require proper timing. The sequence is similar to photonic flashes that induce vomiting and convulsions, except in this case the special pattern causes a muscle lock and blocks thought processes, essentially replicating Type-7's effects without the drug. A single flash is able to immobilize anyone who sees it, even with their eyes closed, for up to a day, and when they recover it isn't always all at once, thus allowing the victims to realize they're frozen or collapse before becoming conscious. An inpenetrable barrier such as a wall is needed to block the flash's effects, or special eye protection. Even at a distance the flash can be effective if seen, though the greater the distance the lesser the duration of the effect.


Special lighting devices, though not traditional flashlights or light sources, can be used to emit the flash, and the devices can be small enough to be attached to firearms or appear to be flashlights. Special stun grenades can also be made to emit the flash via magnesium pyrotechnics, allowing for the user to deploy them and leave the room, thus they won't need eye protection.

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