Chrono Alliance

The Chrono Alliance is a group of major Tuckerverse characters who have formed an informal alliance. The group exists primarily to aid one another in case they ever end up in serious situations and know each other's secrets.


While Sandy Vanholt freezing time with the Durga Hourglass and Stillsville Camera caused the informal alliance to gain a name, the group's origins began much earlier. Scott Dawson and Tucker Holmes are related by blood, and Tucker later formed a friendship with Susie Kim after encountering her at Decker State College. Tucker and Erika Stone also knew of each other but had never really interacted, only really doing so thanks to their mutual friend Tasia Spiro. Chloe Noi befriended Ryoshi Dawson when she helped save her from Ashley Tisdale, Chloe then later bringing her wife Jamie Mosley and cousin Kyla Abonde in on things and also learning about Tucker. Parker Reich joined the group through Scott and Ryoshi, Rose Mazza and Angel Mathews through Susie.

Maggie Yen later informally joined upon her insistence upon learning about the group from Tucker and Susie. Despite not voicing any interest Cindy Vu was also added at Maggie's suggestion.