The Children of Hecate are a global cult with strong ties to the United States. Having existed for centuries, the Children of Hecate seek to use magic to further their primary goals of guiding and bettering humanity, ideally through domination and genetic superiority.

Overview and History

The exact history of the Children of Hecate is unknown, but it is clear from their lore they have ties to Ancient Greece. Books of magic belonging to the cult date back to the Mycenaean Greek dialect, and Hecate herself is an Ancient Greek Goddess. Past members of the cult have included the parents of Isaac Carter and Annabelle Carter as well as the ancestor of Tabitha St. Claire that Imogen Hall is named after.

In April of 2009 the Carter twins were able to freeze the city of Stillsville using a powerful spell, though they were trapped within its boundary along with Petunia Greer. Tabitha St. Claire has arranged for supplies to be delivered to the trapped trio and they've started to convert it into a giant wax museum. Keenan Vole was recruited to join them. Bernard Fitzgerald, who joined the cult at some point in the past, reconnected with the Stillsville group.


The Children of Hecate employ magic as their main asset and have access to several unique items. The Carter family own Hecate's Rituals and at one point possessed the Stillsville Camera. Petunia Greer possesses a Hecate's Charm as do Bernard Fitzgerald and Tabitha St. Claire, and it is said that there are more of them.

Spells the Children of Hecate have used include the Farstep Gateway and the Circle of Time, both in Stillsville. The Immortality Potion is also in their arsenal.