Beretta 92
Beretta 92
Classification: Semi-Automatic Pistol
Year Introduced: 1975
Country of Origin: Italy
Created By: Fabbrica d'Armi Pietro Beretta
Caliber: 9x19mm Parabellum
Capacity: 15

The Beretta 92 is a sidearm developed by Beretta, which has since been adapted for use globally with law enforcement and military.


The Beretta 92 was the company's first real 9mm direct feed pistol, and its cheap cost and general effectiveness have since seen it become quite popular. There are dozens of off-shoots of the original 92, including the Beretta 92F Inox. The weapon's standard magazine holds 15-rounds, but it is capable of holding up to 30 with an extended magazine, and some variants can even chamber 7.65mm Luger.


Regina Brennan

While the Los Angeles police department is starting to phase in Glock sidearms, Regina Brennan is one of many officers who still uses a Beretta 92.

Judy Murphy

Having been trained to shoot using a Beretta, Judy Murphy of the Federal Bureau of Investigation uses the 92 as her standard sidearm.

Ivan Popov

Ivan Popov has used his carbon steel 92 for years, favoring it over the arguably superior H&K USP45 he was issued in Interpol. Ivan's pistol has been heavily modified to fire Type-7 darts in a 7.65mm Luger, making it effectively a Beretta 98 in all but name.

Raymond Bishop

Raymond Bishop bought a Beretta as a back-up sidearm, but it quickly became his primary weapon. Raymond does usually still carry his H&K USP45, but often favors the 92.

Thomas Hood

Though Thomas Hood has several favored weapons, a nickel-plated 92 is his pistol of choice. Thomas often uses his pistol for intimidation rather than conflict but is considered an expert with it.

Parker Reich

Parker Reich used a standard 92 as her personal sidearm while working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation in favor of a Glock 22. While Parker has since switched to a Beretta 92F Inox as her primary sidearm she still has her original Beretta in her collection.

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