Tracker Pistol
Classification: Stealth Gun
Year Introduced: 2009
Country of Origin: United States
Created By: Sarah Hardy
Caliber: 4.2mm Dart
Capacity: 1

The Aegis is a special firearm that was developed by Sarah Hardy for Ouroboros, then being adapted by the Gorgon Sisterhood.


The Aegis is effectively a super combat dart gun, capable of firing single darts short distances while, when retracted, roughly the size of a deck of playing cards. The darts are gas-propelled, two propellant tubes attached to the weapon's small barrel. Only one dart can be loaded at a time but spare shots can be stored in the grip. The barrel itself can also slide around the grip, thus allowing for better concealment with use. Due to the small size the weapon's darts are less than 5mm long, meaning whatever they're carrying needs to be potent.



Sarah Hardy first developed the Aegis for Ouroboros as a possible field weapon for its members. The weapon had only reached the prototype stage when she was required to put it on hold in favor of other projects such as the Immortality Gate.

Gorgon Sisterhood

With the formation of the Gorgon Sisterhood Sarah Hardy was free to continue her work, developing a functional model in less than a month. The plan is for the Aegis to soon be standard issue within the organization.

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